CNC 8055 M for Milling Machines (Tool Room)

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Designed for controlling milling machines and machining centers both horizontal and vertical.


High speed machining

  • Advanced algorithms for very accurate parts.
  • Adaptive machining dynamics for best execution time.
  • Work in inclined planes.

Easier machine setup

  • Setup systems with graphic assistance.
  • Oscilloscope function to help optimize axis behavior.
  • Circularity (roundness) test that helps improve the behavior of the machine when reversing the moving direction.

Operation with the user in mind

  • Operation designed for operators of conventional machines without prior programming knowledge as well as for experts on ISO-coded language.

Part preparation assistance

  • Manual and automatic tool calibration.
  • Part centering and part measuring cycles.
  • Management of multiple part zero offsets.
  • Part damage estimation.

Programming languages

  • ISO-coded language for large series where optimizing the program is most important so execution time is as short as possible.
  • Conversational language for small series or unitary (single) parts. It has been conceived for shops where programming time is a critical factor.



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