CNC 8060 T for Lathes (High Speed Machining)

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The CNC 8060 is a product adapted to the requirements of production lathes, high speed machining centers or machines demanding high accuracy and high-end features.


All the advances to make your job easier

  • Touch screen
  • High definition graphics
  • More than 500 Mb of memory as standard in all CNC models, expandable via Compact Flash.
  • Free simulator on PC
  • Pop-up-based browsing (Fagor exclusive)

High speed machining

  • HSSA (High Speed Surface Accuracy) machining system (Fagor exclusive)
  • Nanometric accuracy, splines, etc.
  • Automatic tool management in long machining operations

Choose from four programming methods

  • Standard ISO language
  • Parametric language
  • ProGTL3 language
  • IIP interactive language (Interactive Icon-based Pages)
  • Also supporting Cad-Cam programs and programs generated by other CNC’s

A wide variety of canned cycles for milling and turning

  • Many turning cycles.
  • Many facing cycles.
  • Wide selection of drilling and threading cycles.
  • Constant-pitch and variable-pitch threading.
  • Wide selection of threading cycles.
  • Many grooving cycles.
  • Profile cycle along the X axis.
  • Profile cycle along the Z axis.
  • Pocket cycles in the XC, ZC planes.
  • Pocket cycles in the XY, YZ planes.
  • Multiple pocket cycles.
  • 2D pockets for user-defined shapes.



Installation Manual