DRO300 Digital Readout

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The most complete digital readout system in the machine tool marketplace, the DRO300 has full part program capability, 99 tool offsets and multiple DRO displays along with standard input/output capability and edgefinder probe support all on an easy to read 7-inch color display. Designed and manufactured in the USA, ACU-RITE readouts are the first choice for machine tool builders and users alike.

Milling Specific Features

  • Bolt hole pattern calculations with graphics (full and partial circles/linear patterns)
  • Centerline calculation enables you to establish work piece zero and midpoints
  • Edge finder/touch probe input
  • I/O (option)

Turning Specific Features

  • Lock axis feature
  • Instant radius/diameter conversion
  • Taper Calculator
  • CSS (option)


Application: Milling, turning, grinding, boring and general purpose

Axes: 2, 3, and 4 from A to Z and Z0

Encoder inputs: TTL

Display step:

  • Adjustable, max. 7 digits
  • Linear axis: 1 mm to 0.0001 mm
  • Angular axis: 1° to 0.001° (00° 00′ 01”)


  • 3 Axes (DRO303) or 4 Axes (DRO404)
  • 7-inch color widescreen (15:9)
  • Resolution 800 x 480 pixels for Position Values, Dialog Messages, Input and Graphic Functions

Status display:

  • Tool
  • Reference point
  • Operating function
  • Feed rate
  • mm/inch
  • Stopwatch

Axis display: Standard

Common Functions:

  • Multiple Display Views – DRO1, DRO2 & DRO3
  • Program Storage
  • Advanced Skew Compensation
  • Job Clock / Stop Watch
  • Feed Rate Display
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Absolute/Incremental
  • Near-Zero Warning with Graphics
  • Help function
  • 99 Tool Offsets/Diameter
  • Preset and Zero Reset
  • 4 Function Calculator/Trig Calculator
  • Instant Inch/mm Conversion
  • Position-Trac™ Home Reference System
  • Linear/non-linear compensation up to ±9,999 ppm

Turning Specific Functions:

  • Lock Axis Feature establish tool offsets with the tool under load, resulting in reduced tool deflection
  • Instant radius / diameter conversion
  • Taper calculator, Vectoring
  • INCLUDES Thread Assist simplify cutting metric threads on lathes with English leadscrews

Milling Specific Functions:

  • Bolt-hole Pattern Calculations with Graphics (full and partial circles/linear patterns)
  • Centerline Calculation establish workpiece zero and midpoints
  • Edge finder/touch probe input

Cycles: Oblique line, circular arcs; only for milling, drilling, boring: circular and linear hole patterns

Error compensation: 

  • Axis error: Linear and nonlinear over up to 200 points
  • Backlash compensation: for compensation of reversal error

Data interface:  USB 2.0 type C

  • For Output of Parameters to a USB Stick or PC
  • For Input of Parameters, Remote Control of Keys and Commands

Switching I/O:

  • Input for Edge Finder (with switching signal or contact triggering)
  • Further input/outputs over the IOB 49 external input/output unit


  • CSS (Constant surface speed), I/O (Input/Output)
  • Multiple Scale Coupling Box
  • Electronic Edgefinder
  • Single-Position Tilting Base, Multiposition Holder, Mounting Frame, Protective Cover
  • IB2X (allows input of 2 additional axis)

Electrical Requirements: AC 100 V to 240 V (±10 %), 50 Hz to 60 Hz (±5 %), ≤ 33 W

Operating temperature: 0° to 45º C (32º to 113º F)

Protection EN60529:  IP 40 (IP 54 front panel)

Weight: ~1.9 kg


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